Three times a winner

June 17, 2024

The Cray Seafood & Grill Restaurant in Belmont has won the title of WA’s Best Lobster Restaurant for the third consecutive year.

Metro Restaurant Pips Regional Finalists in WA’s Best Lobster Restaurant Competition; Plans for More Outlets Announced

The Cray Seafood & Grill Restaurant in Belmont has won the title of WA’s Best Lobster Restaurant for the third consecutive year.

The popular seafood eatery on Great Eastern Highway garnered nearly a fifth of more than 1000 public votes, narrowly beating the Lobster Shack in Cervantes, which came second. Southerlys Tavern and Restaurant in Port Denison placed third.

The annual competition is organized by the Western Rock Lobster Council. One of The Cray’s most popular dishes is its lobster mornay, served with béchamel sauce, dill, melted cheese, and panko crumb. Co-owner Tejas Patel told The West that their western rock lobster is sourced from the Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative “to support our local fishermen.”

Mr. Patel added that WA crayfish are “the benchmark of lobsters throughout the world due to their sweet, rich flavor, low oiliness, firm flesh,” and higher meat yield compared to other species. The Belmont restaurant, opened in 2004, was the first of three outlets, with The Cray seafood grills also in Innaloo and Rockingham. Mr. Patel and business partner Mayur Patel (no relation) plan to open four more locations before the end of the year in Currambine, Fremantle, Bunbury, and Kalgoorlie. He estimated The Cray’s overall lobster consumption to grow significantly to about 30 tonnes per year.

“We are planning to open a few more outlets in the Eastern States as well,” Mr. Patel revealed.

Located in the tourist town of Cervantes, Lobster Shack finished third in 2021, the inaugural year of the competition, and second last year. Since opening in 2010, the popular family restaurant now serves about 65,000 lobsters per year. Restaurant manager Anna Frenette said the western rock lobster was “a symbol of Cervantes.”

“When you’re eating our fresh lobsters, you’re getting an insight into our lifestyle, the excitement, long hours, and thrill of the lobster-fishing game,” she said.

“To then serve it fresh from pot to plate, 364 days of the year, rain or shine, it’s certain that our family lives and breathes lobster.”

Popular with locals and visitors, Southerlys Tavern and Restaurant is run by the friendly husband and wife team of Callum and Sonia Kerr. Four lucky readers who voted have each won a $150 voucher to their nominated restaurant, as well as a $100 online Back of Boat voucher to ensure they’ll be up to their eyeballs in delicious lobster.

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